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Students of all experience levels are welcome at Furnace Brook Farm. All of our instruction is private and lessons are generally given on a hour weekly basis at the cost of $40 per lesson. Lessons are held Monday - Saturday throughout the year (please see Instructor Profile page). All of our instruction, including our beginners, is based on the principles of dressage with a strong emphasis on balance, strength and the development of the rider's seat. Furnace Brook Farm hosts three horse shows anually exclusively for those students in the lesson program. This is a fun and educational way to introduce students to the excitement of horse shows.

Opportunities to lease horses are available to students once they have reached a certain skill level. Once leasing, a student may participate in horse shows, both locally and regionally. Erin and Kristi will provide all direction and coaching for the horse shows. For students who decide to purchase their own horse, Erin will act as their agent in finding the perfect Morgan for their needs.

Whether you are a beginner rider or interested in mastering the lower levels of dressage, Furnace Brook Farm can meet your needs.